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FAQ Soft Air Waffen

Plakat Softairgun

Plakat Softairgun

Im neuen Waffengesetz wurden die EG-Waffenrichtlinien in schweizerisches Recht umgesetzt. Zudem wurden Lücken geschlossen, die seit der letzten Waffengesetzrevision von 1997 erkannt worden waren. Diese Lücken betreffen unter anderem Imitationswaffen, Schreckschusswaffen und Soft Air Waffen. Diese gelten neu als Waffen.

Was bedeutet diese Änderung des Waffengesetzes im Detail?
  1. What is now considered as a weapon since 12 December 2008?
    • According to the weapons law, imitation, blank and soft air weapons are considered as weapons when there is the danger that they will be confused with a firearm.
    • Compressed air and CO2 weapons are also treated as weapons according to the law if there is the risk of confusing these with real weapons or if the muzzle energy is at least 7.5 joules.
    • Special knives and other dangerous items which are designed to injure people and also all electric shock devices and spray products (apart from pepper sprays) are also banned weapons.
  2. May I as a minor borrow imitation weapons for training and competitions?
    • Soft air weapons may be lent to minors as sporting weapons when the minor can prove that he/she regularly participates in shooting sport, it can not be assumed that the minor will endanger himself/herself or third parties with the weapon and the minor does not have a criminal record.
    • A soft air weapon is considered as a sporting weapon when the corresponding model is permitted for national or international competitions.
    • The legal representative of the minor or the association must report the lending to the cantonal weapons office within 30 days using the corresponding form in German, French and Italian, see here.
  3. May I as an adult buy, own, sell or pass on imitation weapons, blank weapons or soft air weapons?
    • Yes, but regulations must be observed (identification of the seller and proper handling must be guaranteed) see question about "buying or selling".
  4. Which regulations must I observe when buying or selling imitation, blank or soft air weapons?
    • The buyer or seller must be of full age (more than 18 years old)
    • The identification of the seller must be guaranteed:
      Weapons and weapon components may be sold or offered only when the offering person is identifiable. A person is identifiable when the buyer is presented with a valid passport or valid identity card. If a weapon is offered by means of an anonymous advertisement, the publisher of the advertisement must be presented with a copy of a valid passport or valid identity card.
    • For the purchase the law demands a written contract. This also applies for trade between private individuals.
      You will find a template for such a contract in German, French or Italian here.
  5. Do I need a special permit for the purchase of imitation, blank or soft air weapons?
    • No, to buy or sell imitation, blank or soft air weapons no purchase permit is required.

  6. Do I need a permit to carry a soft air weapon or other imitation weapon in public?
    • No, you do not need a permit to carry soft air weapons in public. But the weapon can only be carried if the person is participating in a shooting event on secured premises.
    • The soft air weapon may be transported only in the most direct route between the person's place of residence and the place at which the shooting event is being held, or when moving (change of residence).
  7. If I as an adult legally possess a soft air weapon, how do I have to store it?
    • Soft air weapons must be stored carefully and protected against access from third parties.
    • The loss of a soft air weapon must be reported to the police immediately.
  8. What do I have to do when I as a minor was already in possession of a soft air weapon before 12 December 2008?
    • All weapons can be handed over to the cantonal weapons office free of charge.
    • With a corresponding contract the weapon can be sold to adults.  See also question about "sale / purchase".
  9. What do I have to do when I as an adult was already in possession of a soft air weapon before 12 December 2008?
    • If the weapon was purchased legally, an adult may keep the weapon or sell it to other adults with a corresponding contract.
  10. What happens when I use a soft air weapon or imitation weapon illegally?
    • Weapons which are carried without authorisation, for example by minors or in public, may be seized by the responsible authorities.
    • If it can be proven that there is danger of improper use, in particular when people have been threatened or injured with the weapon, then the weapon may be confiscated definitively.
  11. What do I have to observe when exporting and importing imitation weapons?
    • Whoever wants to bring such weapons into Switzerland privately requires a permit. Applications for the non-commercial import of weapons can be found in German, French and Italian, see here.  
    • For private, definitive export a permit is required in accordance with the law on the control of goods, this is granted by the «State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO».
    • Anyone who wants to import or export such weapons into Switzerland commercially requires an arms dealing patent for non-firearms and a corresponding permit.
  12. Does the weapons law apply for foreigners and Swiss citizens equally?
    • No, for foreigners without permanent residence and for citizens of certain states there are special provisions.
    • In order to purchase any weapons, people without permanent residence (Permit C, settlement permit) need a weapon acquisition permit and also official confirmation from their state of residence or home state to confirm that they are authorised to purchase the weapon there.
    • Acquisition, possession, offering, transferring and carrying weapons is prohibited for citizens of the following states:
      Sri Lanka
      Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Foreigners from the listed nations may shoot with imitation weapons at sporting events on secured premises.
  13. What punishments do I face if I illegally use soft air weapons?
    • Anyone who, without authorisation, offers, transfers, acts as an intermediary for, acquires, possesses, produces, commercially repairs, modifies, carries or brings weapons into Switzerland may face imprisonment of up to three years or a fine.
    • If the offender acts negligently, the punishment shall be a monetary fine, in lesser cases there may be no punishment.
    • A monetary fine for transgression will be imposed on a person who disregards the duty of care when transferring weapons, imports weapons without authorisation, does not report the loss of a weapon to the police or uses prohibited forms of offering weapons.