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Campaigne Against Skimming

campaign stop skimming

The number of skimming cases in Switzerland has recently risen sharply. Skimming enables fraudsters to illegally obtain information about other peoples’ account, debit and credit cards to withdraw money from accounts.

Just a few preventative measures can help you protect yourself from unlawful access to your cash. This website contains tips on the safe usage of cards and other information on skimming.

«Stop Skimming» – A campaigne run by your local police


Website of the Campaigne «Stop Skimming»

Secret PIN code
Your PIN code is secret and should not under any circumstances be given to others (not even to employees at your financial institution or to the police), be kept with the card, or a note of it be made on the card. You should never enter your PIN code to open a door.

Choosing an easily guessable combination, such as a date of birth or car number plate, is not recommended for the PIN code. It is important that you memorise your PIN code. Using something to help you remember it can be helpful. For example, the individual digits can be entered on the basis of a specific pattern, a calculation or a story. An example story for PIN code 597121: I need 5 minutes to get to the tram station of line number 9, then I ride 7 minutes to my stop where there is 1 kebab stand with 2 employees and 1 boss.
Conceal your PIN code entry
Conceal your PIN code entry from prying eyes at all card-based machines. Hold one hand (or your wallet) above the other hand. Do not allow anybody to see you enter your PIN code.
No distractions
Do not allow yourself to be distracted when withdrawing money, paying or buying a ticket. Ask those who come too close to keep their distance. Do not allow yourself to engage in a conversation and do not accept any help from anybody known or unknown to you if, for example, your card is stuck in a card-based machine.
Take your gut instinct seriously
Follow your intuition at the card-based machine. If a card-based machine appears suspicious, or you have a strange feeling at the card-based machine because, for example, there are dubious people nearby, somebody speaks to you or somebody comes too close to you, abort the payment or withdrawal action and look for another machine.
Do not let your card out of your hand
Never let your card out of your hand – either to give to an assistant or to a service employee at the card-based machine. The card can be swapped as quick as a flash without you noticing.
Have the card blocked
Have the card blocked immediately if you suspect misuse. The same applies for theft, loss and retention of the card at the card-based machine. More information is available here.
Report your suspicions
If you suspect that a card-based machine has been manipulated, or have tangible reasons to believe this, inform the card-based machine operator. Outside office hours, contact the police on emergency number 117. This way you help to prevent further losses.
Check account movements
Regularly check your account statements and contact your financial institution in the event of irregularities.
Created: 22.11.2010 | Changed: 24.08.2015