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Burglars always look for the path of least resistance. They break in at windows and door panes on the ground floor, for example, or climb up onto easily reachable balconies, terraces and roofs. They often exploit the carelessness of occupants by entering an apartment or house though an unlocked door or entering the apartment through an open window. Technical protective measures can prevent break-ins.
 Security can be planned and built. Whoever includes anti-burglar devices during the planning phase of buildings saves additional expenses and later work.
So when building or modifying your house or renovating your apartment speak to the architects and / or the specialists at the police at an early stage. If it is a matter of providing better protection for an existing building against break-ins the specialists from the police will also help you draw up a security plan. Make the most of the knowledge of your police.

Be attentive and alert and inform the police if you suspect a burglary.

If you ever have any suspicions in your neighbourhood inform your police immediately by calling the emergency number 117.

  • Secure windows, doors, side entrances, basement windows and light shafts of your apartment or house.
  • Include adjoining rooms and garages in your security considerations.
  • Do not inform people of your absence by putting notes on your front door and with overfull mailboxes, and do not hide keys in the garden or in other places such as flower pots or under door mats.
  • Give the impression that you are at home. Make sure your absence is not easy to detect. So – at dawn in particular – leave lights on. Inform your neighbours if you are away for a few days or longer, and ask them to check your apartment or house from time to time.
  • Make sure you do not leave messages behind on your answering machine which mention that you are away.

Neighbourly help contributes to security
If people help each other, making checks, emptying the mailbox or closing window shutters while their neighbours are away, this reduces the risk of burglary. The more contact inhabitants of a residential area maintain with each other, the more secure this area is for everyone who lives there. Show joint responsibility for your neighbours. Living together also means being there for each other. Talk with your neighbours about the issue of security – about how and when you can help each other. Inform each other about when you are leaving your home for a longer period (e.g. business trips, holidays, hospital stays).
During this period all of you need to make sure that:
  • no strangers try to break into the house or apartment of your neighbours;
  • in the neighbours’ home lights are only switched on or off if this has been arranged (discuss timer with each other);
  • unfamiliar noises are taken seriously.

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