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Monthly Topic August 2014

«The 10 most frequently asked questions and answers regarding cyber-bullying»

Bullying occurs, even in the age of social networks, mainly in real life, i.e. in class at school, during breaks and sports. The cause is very often that an individual does not or does not want to meet the current requirements of the group regarding certain outward appearances or behavioral patterns. Meaning: This can happen to everyone. Bullying on the Internet, or cyber-bullying, is then the aggravated version. And this has mainly three reasons:

Firstly: the quick distribution.
Secondly: the anonymity of the bullying culprits.
Thirdly: the uncontrollable data storage.

Due to the increasing importance of cyber-bullying, SKP has two brochures on the topic.

During August, we will inform you with regard to the different aspects!

More information about this theme of the month is available on our: german, french or italian website!

Created: 22.11.2010 | Changed: 21.08.2015